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I collect and use the information on this website in accordance with my privacy policy.
privacy. One of the ways in which I collect data is through the use of the
technology called "cookies".
At Elpatró we use our own and third party cookies to achieve the following objectives
you to have a better user experience, to obtain statistics and habits
navigation and to enable social networking functions (sharing of content, etc.).
address these, etc.), among other things.
As a user, you can refuse the processing of data or information
by blocking these cookies using your browser settings. By doing so
will not be downloaded and stored on your hard drive. You should know that if you
this website will not work properly.
Here's how to set up the most popular browsers for
to warn you of the reception of cookies on your hard drive or to deactivate the
(link to how to manage and store cookies on this site).
disable these cookies).

According to article 22.2 of the law 34/2002 on services of the information society
information and e-commerce, by continuing to browse the site you are providing
your consent to the use of these cookies. It is therefore important that you
read this cookie policy and that you understand that if you continue to browse the site, you will not be able to use cookies.
I will consider that you accept their use.
What is a cookie? A cookie is a text file that is downloaded to your computer.
computer when accessing certain web pages.
Its usefulness is that the browser will be able to remember your visit when you return to
surfing that website.
Cookies allow the site to, among other things, store and retrieve
information about your browsing habits or your equipment and, depending on the
information they contain and the way in which you use your equipment, they can
used to recognise you.
The purpose of the cookie is to adapt the content of the website to your profile and needs.
to give you a better browsing experience. Without cookies the services
offered by any site would be significantly diminished.
A cookie is not a virus, Trojan horse, worm, spam, spyware, or spyware.
opens pop-up windows.
Information that a cookie stores Cookies store data of a personal nature.
personal preferences, personalisation of content, content personalisation, statistics of
use, links to social networks, access to user accounts, etc.
They do not usually store sensitive information about you such as credit card or other data.
bank details, photographs or personal information, etc.
The web server does not associate you as a person but your browser. In fact, if you
you usually browse with google chrome and try to browse the same website
with mozilla firefox, internet explorer or apple safari you will see that the web is not given
you are the same person because you are in fact associating the
information to the browser and not to the person.
● Own and third party cookies
● First-party cookies: cookies generated by the website you are visiting.
(in this case, Elpatró
● Third-party cookies: these are cookies generated by services or providers.
such as mailerlite, google analytics, facebook, etc.
● Cookies according to their shelf life
● Session cookies: store your browsing information for as long as you are logged in.
you remain on the page and are deleted when you close the browser.
When you go back to the website that created the cookie, the cookie will not recognise you and
you will have to log in or select your preferences again.

● Persistent cookies: these are stored in a sub-folder of your
browser until you delete them manually or it deletes them.
after a certain time in the cookie file.

Types of cookies according to their purpose
● Technical cookies: these are the most elementary cookies, those that make it possible to
browsing the website and using its different options or services.
They allow, among other things, to know when a human being is browsing.
or an automated application, and when an anonymous user is browsing and
one registered, basic tasks for the operation of any website.
● Personalisation cookies: these cookies allow you to access a service with
certain characteristics already preconfigured according to a series of
criteria such as the type of browser you use, the language defined in the
east, the access area, etc.
● Analytics cookies: collect information about the type of navigation.
you are doing, the sections you use the most, products you use the most, the products you
queries, time zone of use, language, etc. They make it possible to measure the
activity of the website and to make improvements to it in accordance with the
monitoring and analysis of your behaviour.
● Advertising cookies: these enable the most effective possible management of
the advertising included in a website, showing you advertisements with the
appropriate content and frequency. They display advertising based on
of your navigation, your country of origin, language, etc.
● Behavioural advertising cookies: they store information about your
behaviour according to your browsing habits and develop a
specific profile to show you advertisements based on that profile.

How cookies are used on Elpatró
This website always requires your consent to use cookies.
Cookies on this website help us to:
● That the website is working properly.
● Remember your settings and preferences during and between visits.
● Improve the speed and security of the website.
● You can share content on social networks.
● That you can leave comments.
● That you can watch videos.
● Improve the website thanks to the analytics I do.
● Make marketing campaigns more efficient.
● I will never use cookies to:
● Collecting personally identifiable information (without your consent)
● Collecting sensitive information such as: address, passwords, personal details
credit cards, etc. (in any case).
● Sharing or transferring personally identifiable data to third parties (without your consent) ● Sharing or transferring personally identifiable data with third parties (without your consent)
knowledge and express permission).

Own cookies that we use in Elpatró
This website uses its own cookies for the following purposes:
● Determine whether you have logged on to the web.
Remember the search settings.
● Remind you whether you have accepted the legal terms and conditions (warning
legal, privacy policy and cookies policy).
● Show you the pages you have recently visited.
● Add comments to the website.
● Combat spam, ensuring that the user is a human and not a
automated application.
● To avoid security risks, in particular to detect when
someone is trying to hack Elpatró

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